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Free Youth Hockey

Ice Hockey

In a continued effort to bring ice hockey to the community, the Rink at Lehigh Valley has created our Developmental Youth Ice Hockey Programs for children 12 and under. NO HOCKEY EXPERIENCE is necessary to participate in our FREE Ice Hockey program. Our professional coaching staff will teach both boys and girls how to play. Our programs are designed not to conflict with other sports. Register now, space is limited! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at The Rink.


The Rink at Lehigh Valley is committed to developing both educated and skilled ice hockey players while having fun. We are offering teams for boys and girls at all age levels. The range of competition you have to choose from is full travel, developmental, and beginner levels. Our teams will play games no more than approximately one hour from the Rink.



Equipment Requirements

The Rink at Lehigh Valley REQUIRES that all players have the following Ice Hockey equipment. If you have any questions about the equipment, please ask at front desk.


Participants will be responsible for the following:


- Cup & Supporter
- Gloves
- Ice Hockey Stick
- Shoulder Pads
- Ice Hockey Pants
- Shinguards
- Elbow Pads
- Certified Ice Hockey
- Helmet & Facemask
- Mouthguard
- Ice Hockey Skates
- Loaner Equipment available
- Skate rentals available
- USA Hockey & AAHA Membership Registration
- Jersey for the player
- Socks costing $12.00 per pair

All players will be placed on age-appropriate teams.



Our Teams


    Lady Patriots